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We would like to present to you a photographic documentary of Photos taken by vulnerable youth and children in Lomé.

Themed: ‘See What I See’

This is a unique opportunity to see through the lenses of vulnerable youth & children who regularly meet once a month to eat at a table; like a family. Some come from extreme dire situations and homes, but, this once a month ‘meet-up’ gives them a glimpse into what life as a family could be like.

Meet the youth and children of Table de Coeur, a charity organisation that feeds up to 140 vulnerable and street children, feeding 40 each month.

Victoria Grace Foundation met with them. The idea was to share encouraging and inspirational stories as we ate. We hoped to inspire the children of Table de Coeur to believe in themselves, trust their creative instincts and share with us what they see –  using photography as the medium.

We hoped to obtain their work raw and unrefined. With no formal workshop or technical photographic sessions, we banked on using inspirational stories to break the mindset that tells them they cannot express themselves creatively.

Alongside 4 volunteered photographers both Togolese and foreign, we were able to select 11 youth and children with a deep curiosity and passion for photography.

We have sorted through over 1000 clicks to present A collection of photos called ‘See What I See’

We hope to give them the pride of earning enough to sponsor 6 out of 12 monthly ‘meet-ups’ through the sales of their photographs.

A project by them for them.

We would really appreciate your support.

Buy a photo and feed the children!

Thank you again for supporting our work.

Jennifer Ronne, Founder

Victoria Grace

Delivery for all photos ordered will be from 15th March 2023

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