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Benoît: The story of a homeless person who became a Vegetable Gardener

Behind the hospital are vegetable gardens and Animal farms. This is where you can find Benoît. He is usually barefoot watering and tending to plants.

Benoît’s story is at the centre of the Hospital. He came as a homeless kid who went to the location to play even before the centre was built, for several years Benoit was homeless and came to the centre to ask the Brothers for food. 20 years later as the centre opened he took a job as the vegetable and animal farm carer. Today, he prides himself in taking care of the garden and feeding the Brothers instead of them feeding him. 

His garden consists of long rows of fruit trees, plantations, lettuce, carrots, cabbages, leeks etc.

He also takes care of the Animals which includes pigs, chickens, ducks, and rabbits.


We asked Benoît why he prefers to work in the gardens. He very humbly explained this is where he feels his best.
He needs to be in contact with the earth, to cultivate plants, grow food and take care of animals.

As he says: “I love it too much”.
When you see him working at the farm, you will understand what he means.
He also told us that he prefers the quiet of the garden than working with other people.

Today Benoit is married and has 5 grown-up children.