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Our philosophy

Respect and Dignity for all

We aim to be ready to act on the spot ‘one person at a time and to put a smile on a face.

We search out humane ways with sincere partners to help move a life out of desperation. 

Our goal is respect and dignity for all.

Our team

Foundation Founder

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Youth Advisory

Projects Coordinator

Communication & Marketing

Meet Nicolas our photographer who captures all images about nature, animals in Togo; and also people with mental illness


Intern from July – December 2021

We are delighted to welcome Anton to our Victoria Grace Foundation team from January to March 2023. With his knowledge of creating professional videos and photos, he will make our work more visible and thus support our awareness-raising activities. Anton has already staged fashion for Victoria Grace Fashion and thus increased the level of awareness of our idea and our products. We got to know him as an empathetic and creative person whose commitment and enthusiasm are also reflected in his previous work.

Intern from January – March 2023

You don’t catch the buffalo horns with one hand.

We need more hands to change a life at a time!