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Our philosophy

Respect and Dignity for all

We aim to be ready to act on the spot ‘one person at a time and to put a smile on a face.

We search out humane ways with sincere partners to help move a life out of desperation. 

Our goal is respect and dignity for all.

Our team

Jennifer Ronne

My name is Jennifer. I live in Togo, West Africa with my husband and our 3 boys. We have 2 dogs, a cat, 2 hens and a rooster. We are a happy bunch!

I am a British-Nigerian. I was born in London. My family lives in London. I have lived and worked both in London and Lagos, I embrace both cultures fully. My husband is German, his family lives in Hamburg and its regions. Yearly, we share our time between Togo, Nigeria, UK and Germany.

I can almost say I have a blend of two continents, Africa and Europe, which strongly affects my outlook and approach to life.

I worked with British Vogue, Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley UK and was the Director-General of the Nigerian-German Chamber of Commerce in Lagos, Nigeria. Today, I am a Fashion and Social Entrepreneur.

Living and working out of Togo is a pleasure, but I often see the hardships of others; I also see the effects of our consumerism first hand; this is what put me on a fast track into becoming a conscious producer and consumer. It has metamorphosed my label into more than just clothes but a story of changed lives. A tale of Fashion with Passion and Compassion.

Victoria Grace Fashion was featured in the 2020 October issue of German Vogue. In the same year, was aired on France 24 as a Sustainable brand, won the Sustainability Award with the Black Beauty & Fashion Awards Diaspora UK, and was presented and featured on Sustainable Fashion week US.

Jennifer is a contributor writer and speaker on sustainability and ethics in Fashion.

‘Each day I take steps towards becoming more socially, ethically and sustainably responsible. I care about people, the planet and style’.

Destin Goka

My name is Destin Yawo GOKA; I am a togolese. I come from Lavié, a village about 15 minutes drive from Kpalime.

I did my primary and secondary studies there before coming to Lomé. I have a Bachelor degree in English at Lomé University. I am passionate about sports, especially football, not only because I am a referee, but also because for me it is another form of medication. I love travelling and reading as well. Taking care of my Community is also a duty for me. I will soon do my Master in Project Management. The purpose is to manage humanitarian projects in my country.

Today I am working at Victoria Grace as Administrative Assistant. I am proud to be here because it’s a great experience for me. It is helping me for my future project. Since I am here, I can see the interest of the Company to change the life of some people in my country. Taking care of families, paying students’ school fees, giving value to albinos and also caring for  people with mental illness in the streets of Lome, are such things we do. I am very proud to be part of this gorgeous project and to contribute to its fulfilment.

Roxane Mornet

Intern from July – December 2021

My name is Roxane Mornet. I am a mixed race woman. My father comes from France and my mother is from Benin, but she was born in France and grew up between France and Benin. And I also have a little brother.

My two cultures are very important for me, they totally are part of me. I grew up in in France and when I was 16, I moved with my mother to Togo. I finished high school in Lomé. These years were very rewarding for me, I learned more about African culture. That allows me to get closer to one part of my family particularly my grandparents.

Since I was a child, I always practiced lots of different sports. It always helped me to let off steam and feel better.In my free time, I like to watch series and movies, maybe a little bit too much according to my mother! I also like to read books (especially adventure and crime novels).

Thanks to this double culture, and all of these influences, I chose to work for people in need.
First, I did a Bachelor in biology in Marseille, France and then, I went to Liege, Belgium to do my Master degree in public health, speciality in health of the population.

My internship at Victoria Grace Foundation is the best opportunity for me to put my knowledge in practice, but also help and be in contact with vulnerable people

Andrea Schubiger

What drives me is to support people to make their passion accessible to others. That’s why I work as a freelancer in the marketing field and furthermore  that’s the reason why I want to provide assistance to Victoria Grace Foundation. I’m from Zurich, Switzerland, currently living in Lomé, Togo.

I work in the world of marketing and multimedia production. This means that I work with companies to support them with all kinds of marketing activities or branding. Starting from finding their strategic marketing positioning, conception of marketing, searching their story and building a strategic storytelling.  Also I create content for companies in photography, videography, website creation, newsletter, etc. and find a strategy on how to distribute it on the right channels (e.g. Social Media)

In my free time I like to go hiking (very Swiss – I know), board games and surfing (I’m still learning) which is awesome in Togo.

Mrs Olatokunbo Ige

Mrs Ige is an international human rights lawyer, peace and development expert turned social entrepreneur. She is the founder of The Livingstones Resource Centre, Togo which has just launched two projects vis an ECOVILLAGE based in Davie, as well UTRADER a waste to wealth transformation outfit.

Mrs Ige has 4 decades of experience in both the private and public sector working with NGOs, governments, and intergovernmental organizations, as well as big and small businesses.
She is a founding member and Executive Director with the John Maxwell team, a coach, speaker, traîner and an advanced certified Human Behaviour Consultant. She holds various posts, sits on boards and advisory committees of different organisations and businesses. Mrs Ige is bilingual in French and English languages. But most importantly, she’s a mother and woman of faith.

Suzanne Kponton

My name is Suzanne Kponton, I was born in Scotland and raised in Lagos Nigeria with my parents and 4 other siblings. After attending international schools in Lagos I went on to live in Switzerland for 3 years and later attended university in the United States where I earned my bachelors degree in business management. I returned home to Nigeria and started working in logistics and then further afield in oil and gas servicing. I met my husband in Lagos and we moved to Togo in 2014 where we reside now with our 4 children. 

What led you to organize café jeudi? 
When we arrived to live in Lome from Lagos it felt very foreign to me. There was the language barrier, 3 small children at the time, and very difficult to meet other parents. I felt alone, I missed my family and my friends and I missed my comfort zone so to say. After being in Lome about 9 months and longing to go “home” someone invited me to a Cafe Jeudi, an international coffee morning hosted at a private house. a chance to meet and talk to other women from Togo. I met so many lovely women who were warm, welcoming and some that English was not their first language stepped out of their comfort zone and made an effort to speak English with me. As the years went out people came and people left and the coffee mornings were a place where newcomers enjoyed the company and exchanges as well as sharing experiences ….. I later began organizing the morning coffee events and it gave me great joy and pleasure to see people coming together, enjoying moments with one another and forming lifelong friendships. 

How do you feel about supporting The Victoria Grace Foundation? 
From the minute I met Jennifer ( the founder of the foundation) there was a clear connection with similar interests. The more I spent time in her company the more I learned about Victoria Grace Fashion and what lead her to create the sustainable fashion brand. The many experiences and story of her life which lead her to take this path amazed me beyond words. I feel very lucky and privileged  to walk this path along side Jennifer and support the cause of the foundation in giving back to the communities and environment which has become part of our everyday lives. I strongly believe that together we can make a difference and change the lives of many. 

What is Togo to you ? 
This is a very difficult to put into words what  Togo is to me. It’s part of my families heritage, history and home. It’s where we are raising our family, where people smile and appreciate the little they have. A nation that is rich in culture and arts and expressive through those channels. My journey in Togo is just beginning and I’m excited to see where it takes me . 

Esse Tatagan

Born in Togo, I grew up in a modest and loving family until I graduated and moved to France to obtain a Masters degree in Finance

I had the opportunity to hold various positions in Banking in France until my move back to Togo.

With an optimistic mind, I strongly believe “all things work for good for the ones who love God” which is one of my mantras, and I hope my daughter keeps to this path through her life too.

As a mother, I believe we have the mission to shape our children’s mind, both spiritually and emotionally, in order to give them the chance and the will to achieve their full potential and interact with the world with the best aspects of human nature.

No matter how hard one tries to change the world and people, and how involved we are in the environment or social issues, I believe a lasting impact is impossible unless we effectively ensure there is a valuable transition and legacy to our children.

Therefore, I am honoured to take on the responsibility of supporting vulnerable children and youth with Victoria Grace Foundation

Meet Nicolas our photographer who captures all images about nature, animals in Togo; and also people with mental illness

Nicolas Robert

My name is Nicolas Robert. I am from Lille, France. I am a photographer. I am established in Togo in 2005.
I graduated in photography in 1999 at the Chambre des Métiers in Lille (France).
Trained in the studio at the Cité Numérique and then settled as a freelancer in the Mail Order (Mail order) from 1997 to 2005.
Extensive travel to Asia and Africa has resulted in several exhibitions.

I do not really have a theme in particular because for me photography is everywhere. As a lover of travel and discovery; my camera has naturally become my third eye. It captures every moment of life, expression, atmosphere …

I admit to having a penchant for “the human”, one’s way of life, one’s belief, and one’s traditions!

I am 45 years old and the father of two boys aged 15 and 14. I have been living in Lomé since 2005 but I have been coming regularly since 1995 to follow the activities of the MASMA association that I created in 1997 and which still supports schools in the Binah prefecture, in the north of the country.

I have been a nature lover since my childhood and I am passionate about the animal world. Working in a national park would be a great achievement!

I was lucky enough for a few years to get a green monkey or vervet with whom I had an almost human relationship!
In the meantime, I am content with my two dogs and my cat!

Apart from that, I like traveling, reading, good food and football!

Yes, because my father has been working in this field for more than 50 years, a real living memory of the Lille club, the LOSC in the north of France! I’ll come back to that…

I have worked with Victoria Grace Fashion capturing images of the brand and now look forward to capturing images that come out from the humanitarian work of the Foundation.

Anton Bartling

Intern January 2023

Hi, my name is Anton. Hamburg, Germany, is my hometown where I was born, went to school, and where I met Jennifer and her family in 2018. Now I am 20 years old and live in the eastern part of Germany, in Leipzig, where I have just finished my volunteer work at an elderly home and a kindergarten.
My passions are music (I play saxophone and guitar) and photography/filming.
For as long as I can remember, I love to tell stories and to show others through my camera, how I see the world. I love to combine my enthusiasm for filming/photography with traveling. My biggest adventures so far were in Norway a dog sledding tour and being north of the Arctic Circle on the Lofoten Islands and seeing the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River in China.
During a film documentary road trip, I accompanied a wheelchair user for one month through Russia which impressed me a lot.
I have never been to Afrika before and am very excited to discover the culture and the way of life in Togo. I am looking forward to assisting Jennifer from mid-January 2023 by supporting her social media activities. My goal is by reaching more people all over the world to learn about these great social projects of the Victoria Grace Foundation and by their support to give more children and young adults the chance to get education and for people with mental illness to get better so that they can take care of themselves and their families again.