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Esse Tatagan

Youth Advisory

Born in Togo, I grew up in a modest and loving family until I graduated and moved to France to obtain a Masters degree in Finance

I had the opportunity to hold various positions in Banking in France until my move back to Togo.

With an optimistic mind, I strongly believe “all things work for good for the ones who love God” which is one of my mantras, and I hope my daughter keeps to this path through her life too.

As a mother, I believe we have the mission to shape our children’s mind, both spiritually and emotionally, in order to give them the chance and the will to achieve their full potential and interact with the world with the best aspects of human nature.

No matter how hard one tries to change the world and people, and how involved we are in the environment or social issues, I believe a lasting impact is impossible unless we effectively ensure there is a valuable transition and legacy to our children.

Therefore, I am honoured to take on the responsibility of supporting vulnerable children and youth with Victoria Grace Foundation