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Victoria Grace Foundation Gala 2021

Sunday, 5 December 2021 at 2 Février Hotel  in Lomé, Togo

Thank You

I would like to say a big thank you for making the Gala a success.

We could not have achieved this without our Sponsors, Performers, Partners, Supporters, and You. Thank you so much.

Whilst we sit down to put our accounts in order, we can confirm today we will:

  • Feed 100 one Saturday a month for the entire year 2022 in Lomé 
  • We will pay a years salary for 2 Graduates of Theraphy, Social work or Psychiatric nursing under the ANVT scheme ( Agence Nationale Du Volontariat au Togo) to work at our partner hospitals (Lomé and Zooti)

We hope that more will come out of our efforts from the Gala, and would like to use this opportunity to invite you to contact me personally for further support.

I believe that together we have begun the work to end seeing ‘homeless’ persons with Mental illness on the streets of Togo.


Jennifer Rönne, 

Founder, Victoria Grace Foundation

Photos of 2021 Gala Night

Soup Kitchen: A Photo Reportage

by Nicolas Robert

Dear Citizens, Residents, and Expats of Togo

End of Year Gala to raise funds for ‘homeless’ persons with Mental illness in Togo

It is with great pleasure that I wish to introduce to you our efforts towards helping homeless persons (and sometimes naked) with mental illness on the streets of Togo. 

For months, we have been working tirelessly to address this issue, and we believe that we have found; and begun; a way of making it a thing of the past.

We have done quite a bit of work but need more help from the rest of the community. 

Therefore, we decided to organise a Gala to introduce our partners, our work, and the solution. 

We would like to invite you to the Victoria Grace Foundation December Gala on Sunday 5  December 2021

With funds raised from the sales of the tickets only; we can promise that 100 ‘homeless’ persons with mental illness can be taken off the streets, treated, in care, and prepared to learn new skills, ready to reintegrate back into society.   Also, with the ticket sales, we can promise to feed 100 persons with mental illness once a month for the entire year of 2022.

The cost of the ticket is CFA 60,000 per person

Complete sales of the tickets would help us do exactly as promised.  We hope to sell 250 tickets for the Gala (numbers of guests are within COVID regulations).  We need your help to buy a ticket for yourself, your family, and/or colleagues, and refer us on. 

Apart from responding to this ‘Great Cause’; we want to organise the best Gala of the year, for you.  The Gala Dinner will be held in the Ballroom FAZAO at Hotel 2 Février.  You will be entertained all evening by the ‘Golden Voice of Togo’ King Mensah and other top performing Artists.  We will present unique and distinct photography for auction for this cause by French photographer Nicolas Robert, definitely for Art collectors. 

Togo national and internationally acclaimed painter and sculptor, Jean Koumy will surprise us with a private exhibition of his work for this cause too. 

A generous Tombola/Raffle will add excitement and fun to the evening, and many more side attractions. 

We hope to attract the diplomatic and ex-pat community, Residents, and the Togolese community for a grand end-of-year Gala that promises networking and entertainment, all for a formidable cause. 

We invite you to also give generously to raise further funds that will go to the Organisations that will carry out the work of giving persons with mental illness their dignity back and making society safe and better for all.  Their specific needs will be highlighted at the event

However, we have 3 sponsorship packs with huge benefits too.  They are listed on the sheet attached.

I hope you can support this cause.  Help us bring this issue to an end.  Together we can!

Yours sincerely

Jennifer Rönne, 

Founder, Victoria Grace Foundation

Our Lead Sponsors