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Jennifer Ronne

Foundation Founder

My name is Jennifer. I live in Togo, West Africa with my husband and our 3 boys. We have 2 dogs, a cat, 2 hens and a rooster. We are a happy bunch!

I am a British-Nigerian. I was born in London. My family lives in London. I have lived and worked both in London and Lagos, I embrace both cultures fully. My husband is German, his family lives in Hamburg and its regions. Yearly, we share our time between Togo, Nigeria, UK and Germany.

I can almost say I have a blend of two continents, Africa and Europe, which strongly affects my outlook and approach to life.

I worked with British Vogue, Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley UK and was the Director-General of the Nigerian-German Chamber of Commerce in Lagos, Nigeria. Today, I am a Fashion and Social Entrepreneur.

Living and working out of Togo is a pleasure, but I often see the hardships of others; I also see the effects of our consumerism first hand; this is what put me on a fast track into becoming a conscious producer and consumer. It has metamorphosed my label into more than just clothes but a story of changed lives. A tale of Fashion with Passion and Compassion.

Victoria Grace Fashion was featured in the 2020 October issue of German Vogue. In the same year, was aired on France 24 as a Sustainable brand, won the Sustainability Award with the Black Beauty & Fashion Awards Diaspora UK, and was presented and featured on Sustainable Fashion week US.

Jennifer is a contributor writer and speaker on sustainability and ethics in Fashion.

‘Each day I take steps towards becoming more socially, ethically and sustainably responsible. I care about people, the planet and style’.