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Roxane Mornet

Intern from July – December 2021

My name is Roxane Mornet. I am a mixed race woman. My father comes from France and my mother is from Benin, but she was born in France and grew up between France and Benin. And I also have a little brother.

My two cultures are very important for me, they totally are part of me. I grew up in in France and when I was 16, I moved with my mother to Togo. I finished high school in Lomé. These years were very rewarding for me, I learned more about African culture. That allows me to get closer to one part of my family particularly my grandparents.

Since I was a child, I always practiced lots of different sports. It always helped me to let off steam and feel better.In my free time, I like to watch series and movies, maybe a little bit too much according to my mother! I also like to read books (especially adventure and crime novels).

Thanks to this double culture, and all of these influences, I chose to work for people in need.
First, I did a Bachelor in biology in Marseille, France and then, I went to Liege, Belgium to do my Master degree in public health, speciality in health of the population.

My internship at Victoria Grace Foundation is the best opportunity for me to put my knowledge in practice, but also help and be in contact with vulnerable people.